Benson Sports Training, LLC is a company dedicated to helping athletes unlock their true athletic potential. Most athletes spend thousands of dollars throughout their sports careers going to skill camps but spend very little time training to become more athletic. In fact, most athletes do not begin training until they experience success in a sport and by that point it may be to late. Although skill development is generally the most important attribute to being successful in sports, it is now followed closely by athleticism. In today's sports world, athletes are faster, stronger and more explosive than ever before. Scott Benson has developed a proven system that focuses on speed development, explosive power and functional strength. The program is divided into 3 components: Weight training, plyometric training and speed/agility training. Athletes that have gone through the program experience significant gains in speed, quickness, jumping ability and strength. As an added benefit the high intensity nature of this type of training, performed in a controlled setting, prepares the body for game speed movements which greatly reduces the risk of injury. Less then one third of 1% of Benson Sports Training athletes have sustained a season ending injury while practicing or playing a sport.

When proven SCIENCEmeets ELITE COACHING the results speak for themselves. 

24 South Dakota Team State Champions

10 NCAA All Americans

3 NCAA Champions

1 NAIA All American
2011, 2012 & 2014 SD Mr. Basketball
2015 SD Ms. Basketball

2018 SD Ms. Volleyball

2012, 2014 & 2016 Basketball SD Player of the Year
2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018 SD Am Legion Baseball MVP
83 All State Athletes 
60 Individual State Champions
14 RC Athlete's of the Year                                
2012 CHL Defensive Player of the Year               
164 NCAA & NAIA Athletes
5 High School Track and Field All Americans
5 Past or Present All Time State Records

164 Benson Sports Training athletes have moved on to play in college!