"Lifting and training with Scott has improved my overall body strength dramatically. I have increased my vertical jump significantly and improved my upper body strength as well. I have become a lot stronger in a short period of time."

Skye Warwick - 2012 SD Mr. Basketball, 2012 SD Player of the Year, Two Time All State Guard

"I have been working with Scott for about a year. I have become stronger, faster, more flexible and my endurance has also increased. He came to watch me play tennis so he could design a program specifically for me. Since working with him I have had my best results on the court and had my highest finishes in National Tournaments. He is a lot of fun to train with but he also means business. It is the perfect balance of fun and intensity. I am in the best shape I have ever been in."

Jack Hamburg - Rated #30 Nationally by Tennis Recruiting Network, 10 Time SD State Champion

"Prior to Scott’s training, my high school basketball team was highly skilled and disciplined, but neither explosive nor strong. After continually participating in Scott’s intense plyometric and weight training program, I not only saw my game change in a dramatic way, but I also saw my teammates game change. Now instead of winning games because of our ability to shoot and dribble we were winning them because we were athletically superior in every matchup on the court. Out of the eight players who played my senior year seven could dunk on a consistent basis and considering only three of them were over 6’3” that is a pretty ridiculous feat. Before Scott’s training I personally could grab rim and maybe slide in a dunk or two if I was lucky. After working with him I could easily drop step dunk in a matter of only 2 months. The reason STM basketball can out jump, out last, and out play every team they have played and will play in the future is because of Scott Benson and his program.
After signing my national letter of intent to play football at Chadron State College and training with Scott my entire senior year I knew that he could prepare me for the next level. I had already heard of the notoriously rigorous two weeks of fall camp at Chadron and didn’t want to be that guy stuck in the back struggling on every drill. Knowing that I had only had 2 1/2 months to prepare I contacted Scott and asked him if he could help me get ready. After readily agreeing he mapped a new workout plan to not only make me more explosive and stronger than I already was, but to condition me into college football shape. Going to work with him at the track 3 or 4 times a week was not easy by any means. His combination of conditioning circuits, depth jumps, and hurdle sprints to name a few were extremely beneficial to me. You may find this hard to believe, but during the fourteen days of fall camp, which consisted of practicing 2 to 3 times a day, I can honestly say I was never sore once. I know this is hard to believe and to really fathom, but because of those 2 ½ months with Scott I did not have to worry about being out of shape. I passed my conditioning test the first day (a test in which many people pass out or fail). Approximately half of the incoming freshman quit during fall camp my freshman year. I wish I could put into words how much Scott has helped me in the past two years, but it is difficult to do in a short testimonial. To put it simply I would be nowhere near the level of athlete I am today without his training. Having a program built under Scott Benson will propel you into a world of athleticism that no trainer I have met is doing today."

Conor Casey

"Scott Benson's workouts have been absolutely invaluable for me as a basketball player and as an athlete. His workouts focus on all aspects that an athlete needs to be successful. There is equal emphasis on upper and lower body training and great cardio workouts as well. Not only do the workouts make your stronger, but they take your weaknesses and help turn them into your strengths. Without a doubt, my team would not have been as successful without Scott Benson's workouts. He is a phenomenal trainer and will push you to become a better all-around athlete."

Liam Duffy  – All State Forward, 2011 South Dakota Co Mr. Basketball

“We have been training with Scott Benson for the past 5 years of which we have reached the State Championship game the past three and recently won the title in 2011 & 2012. Scott’s attention to the development of speed, explosiveness and strength has helped our players in many ways. Our players are more athletic and powerful. If I had to pick an area I have witnessed the biggest gain it would be with the kid’s vertical jump. We have also noticed a significant decrease in injuries since we began training with Scott.”

David Hollenbeck – Head Coach – St.
Thomas More, 4 Time State Champion

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